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Bujar & Gani Daku
Executive Chef

Albanian-born restaurateur, Bujar Daku, along with his brother Gani Daku, brings old-world charm, passion and perfection to each delectable dish. Renowned executive chef Bujar is responsible for maintaining the quality, taste, and authenticity of La Fontana’s cuisine, selecting each ingredient, produce, meats, fish, and cheese fresh everyday. If it’s not good enough for his table, it won’t make it to yours. Chef Bujar and his family came to the United States from Albania in 1990 in search for freedom, successfully working his way through the kitchens of some of the top restaurants in Philadelphia.  In 1998, Chef Bujar,  a former chef at La Veranda and La Buca restaurants in Philadelphia, struck fine dining gold when he opened his first restaurant, La Fontana Del Mare in Strathmere, New Jersey. Voted Best of South Jersey, the popular La Fontana Del Mare has brought fine dining to the shore. In 2006, He, along with brothers, opened La Fontana Della Citta in the Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, followed in 2008 by La Fontana Coast in Sea Isle City. During the summer of 2013, La Vecchia Fontana opened as his newest addition.



Innovating for a Global Palate Since 1998

La Vecchia Fontana brings fine dining to the shore. Beautifully located a block from the beach in Avalon, New Jersey, La Vecchia Fontana brings a wonderfully breathtaking Mediterranean style ambiance to the Jersey shore, complete with elegant Southern Italian seaside villa décor with an amazing view of the ocean. La Vecchia Fontana prepares deliciously authentic and classic Italian cuisine served with charm and a smile. It offers guests a place to relax and acts as an escape from the monotony of daily life. Bring an appetite and your favorite bottle of wine for a classic, fine Italian dinner and homemade desserts and prepare to get swept away by La Vecchia Fontana.